Anonymous said: ever done anal?


sufferinmind said: Why are all these anons asking you about men you fucked? Are they some kind of celebrities, or does this anon like know you and have mutual friends. I'm confused.

They know them haha it’s okay

Anonymous said: Would you ever fuck yourself with a rexona can?

Ew no that would probably hurt so much

Anonymous said: How many fingers can you fit in?

Idk 2

Anonymous said: Was Aaron Suna a good fuck?

Yeah haha

Anonymous said: I don't know your life story or whats happened, but i'm sure there is no need for self harm. You are beautiful just remember that :)

Thank you x

Anonymous said: im disapoint


Anonymous said: how come in your nudes you don't have any face and tit shots?

Hahahah idk

Anonymous said: whats the biggest dick you have taken?


Anonymous said: So you never, ever do it yourself?

Hahah well I don’t think I’ve ever really had an orgasm so why do it